Hair implants Turkey – Is it recommended or not? 2024

Hair Implants Turkey

Many questions are coming up into the mind, whether to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey or not. A lot of incorrect information lurks on the internet. Turkey is a popular destination for hair transplant. There are many awarded and certified clinics you can search for and decide, whether you would like to make a life-changing step or not. This article will help you to get a quick understanding about the procedures that are taking place regarding hair implants in Turkey.

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey – is it safe enough?

As I wrote previously, there are many certified and awarded clinics in Turkey that are providing complete packages for foreign customers who are seeking for solution regarding hair loss. Many clinics are providing a comfortable process, like the Anatolian Hair Clinic, which was founded by the award winner Yeliz Damar. Her Clinic is providing a 5-Star accommodation and a VIP transfer during the medical trip for the customer.

Most clinics in Istanbul are using modern methods for hair transplant surgeries like FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI(Direct Hair Implantation). In the beginning of the surgery there will be used local anesthesia, it’s a special needle which will be applied on the scalp for getting rid of pain during the surgery. It is an importance for the specialists providing confidence to the customer as they promise.

Anatolian Hair also has an online meeting service that is absolutely free. This service will help customers to understand the process informed by a specialist online and that directly from home. The customer will have the advantage to ask any questions to the specialist by himself.

How budget friendly are the hair implants in Turkey?

As everybody who have a little knowledge about hair transplant, must know that there is a huge difference of cost between European countries and Turkey. In compare, Turkey offers affordable prices with professional service in contrast to the West.

Very easily said, the average price for a professional service with a full package in Turkey lays between 1,500$ – 2,500$.

Before and After Hair Implants Turkey

Hair Implants Turkey

For customer satisfaction, clinics are providing before and after pictures of clients who have gone through a hair transplant journey. Also, the Clinic Anatolian Hair is providing informational content for its visitors. Just visit our homepage, for more information about testimonials and before after pictures of our happy clients. Schedule an online meeting with our expert’s absolutely for free right from your home.


Turkey is providing professional and low cost surgeries for people who are looking for life changing treatments against baldness. Your medical trip will be organized on a professional way of comfort. Actually, it’s the best way to get rid of hair loss and gain back hairline permanently with lifetime guarantee. Just put a step forward by using our free consultation service and lain back. We will reach you and provide you an insight to the world of hair transplant in Turkey. Your team from the Anatolian Hair Clinic.